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"If you're already a creative entrepreneur who wants to grow your business or if you are a creative who wants to start earning an income from your art then I am here to help you."

Hi. I'm Jason Ward.

I help creatives gain the confidence to become even more successful. I've been successfully helping creative entertainment entrepreneurs develop since 2020 and I mentor young creatives in fields including photography, songwriting and choreography.

This is where i can Help.

I am here to help you develop your creative practise through individual mentoring and an upcoming series of insightful podcasts and Confident Creative Community meet ups.

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Outside of the creative industry, businesses work on five year strategies to develop their brand, their product, and their people. Short term thinking is endemic at all levels of our industry from the actor or performer constantly looking for the next contract, through to venue programmers and gallery owners looking for quick hits.  Read more..


Jason brings over 20 years of senior strategic, creative and operational experience with established brands including Disney, Carnival UK and Celebrity Cruises.

"I love sharing my experience, knowledge and mistakes to help you develop a successful creative business."

"I cannot tell you how much of a difference you have made in how I am thinking about my business in just two sessions.  Amazing!"

Creative Business Owner, East of England

"Hey Jason, we loved that so much... It definitely got us thinking!"

Nicole Louise Geddes
Founder - The PerformerPreneur Network

"I was doing everything myself and just needed someone to talk to who understands our business"

Creative Client NW England

Jason is an incredible creative and a wonderful champion of theatre and entertainment. He watched a show we wrote early on in development and saw the kernel of something much better, both artistically and commercially. Jason gave us the time and space we needed to improve the work by bringing us on the Queen Mary 2, and also had the brilliant idea of letting the guests in on the process, with open workshops and rehearsals. This was a wonderful experience for us and the passengers, who made the process much richer, and the show we ended up with was far, far better than it had begun. None of this would have been possible without Jason’s vision, generosity and pragmatism.

Katie Lam (Musical Theatre Writer and Producer & Chief Policy Advisor, Portland Communication)

"Jason inspired us and really understood exactly what we wanted to get out of this partnership. I honestly cannot recommend him highly enough"
Joe Allen - Greenfairy Productions - Manager of BGT Winner Jon Courtenay

The four stages of the creative process: 


Stage 1: Preparation

The creative process begins with preparation: gathering information and materials, identifying sources of inspiration, and acquiring knowledge about the project or problem at hand. This is often an internal process (thinking deeply to generate and engage with ideas) as well as an external one (going out into the world to gather the necessary data, resources, materials, and expertise).

Stage 2: Incubation

Next, the ideas and information gathered in stage 1 marinate in the mind. As ideas slowly simmer, the work deepens and new connections are formed. During this period of germination, the artist takes their focus off the problem and allows the mind to rest. While the conscious mind wanders, the unconscious engages in what Einstein called “combinatory play”: taking diverse ideas and influences and finding new ways to bring them together.

Stage 3: Illumination

Next comes the elusive aha moment. After a period of incubation, insights arise from the deeper layers of the mind and break through to conscious awareness, often in a dramatic way. It’s the sudden Eureka! that comes when you’re in the shower, taking a walk, or occupied with something completely unrelated. Seemingly out of nowhere, the solution presents itself.

Stage 4: Verification

Following the aha moment, the words get written down, the vision is committed to paint or clay, the business plan is developed. Whatever ideas and insights arose in stage 3 are fleshed out and developed. The artist uses critical thinking and aesthetic judgment skills to hone and refine the work and then communicate its value to others.

Of course, these stages don’t always play out in such an orderly, linear fashion. The creative process tends to look more like a zigzag or spiral than a straight line. The model certainly has its limitations, but it can offer a road map of sorts for our own creative journey, offering a direction, if not a destination. It can help us become more aware of where we’re at in our own process, where we need to go, and the mental processes that can help us get there. And when the process gets a little too messy, coming back to this framework can help us to recenter, realign, and chart the path ahead.


About Jason

Director & FOunder

Jason's own creative work includes successfully producing creative experiences with Disney, English National Ballet, The Olivier Awards, and cruise lines including Cunard, Celebrity, P&O, MSC and Costa.

He has produced creative projects with rock stars, experimental theatre companies, and fashion designers as well as creatively directing  shows for winners of BGT and The Voice.

Jason has award-winning success with his creation, production and delivery of outstanding entertainment experiences. These include a VR Escape Room, a new TV programme concept, entertainment for The Greatest Showman movie premier and various Disney awards shows and special events.

He has built creative brand partnerships with premium brands such as the English National Ballet, Alex James and the Olivier Awards - creating production shows, pop-up experiences, live music events and full multi-site entertainment programs.

While managing the talent booking for Cunard and P&O Cruises, Jason was responsible for updating the Cunard Celebrity speaker programme, working with performers such as Samantha Barks, Kathleen Turner, Dr Christian Jessen and Farrah Storr.

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