One Easy Tip To Transform Your Creative Day

Do you start your day checking emails?

It has to be done so we sit down scroll through, click, read, reply and repeat.  So many of my clients say that they often find themselves spending far too long just on email and then wondering where the day went.

I always offer them the same simple advice – if you redefine the task you will redefine the time and energy you spend on it. Instead of thinking “I’m going to check my emails” try thinking “I’m going to respond to business critical communications” – Sounds pretty corporate right?

But it actually works!

If you are the owner (CEO in corporate speak) of your own creative business then by getting into business leader mode for an hour every morning while you respond to business critical communications, I promise you will find yourself with so much more time, energy and confidence to focus on what you really want.

This is the start of separating our high value and low value tasks – high value tasks are the actions that will materially affect how your creative business runs whereas low value tasks are everything else.

Start thinking about what low value tasks you can farm out now and which tasks you will get rid of as soon as you can. Start with my email exercise defining business critical communications and check your progress after 14 days – I promise you will have made a difference and will have more time to be creative!

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